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Singapore is a city-state in Southeast Asia and consists of the island of Singapore and about 54 smaller islands. The main island is linked by a causeway to the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. The island is criss-crossed by waterways, rivers and canals, while the Downtown area has an impressive Esplanade.

To the south of the main island of Singapore is the harbour. The Port of Singapore refers to the collective facilities and terminals that conduct maritime trade handling functions in harbours and which handle Singapore's shipping. Currently the world's second-busiest port in terms of total shipping tonnage, it also trans-ships a fifth of the world's shipping containers, half of the world's annual supply of crude oil, and is the world's busiest trans-shipment port. It was also the busiest port in terms of total cargo tonnage handled until 2005, when it was surpassed by the Port of Shanghai. Thousands of ships drop anchor in the harbour, connecting the port to over 600 other ports in 123 countries and spread over six continents.

Further to the south is Sentosa, a popular island resort, visited by some twenty million people a year. Attractions include a 2 km long sheltered beach, Fort Siloso, two golf courses, the Merlion, 14 hotels, and the Resorts World Sentosa, featuring the theme park Universal Studios Singapore.

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Looking toward the Marina Square area, where the Singapore River enters the Singapore Strait
Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay (also known as The Esplanade Theatres, or simply The Esplanade) is a 60,000 square metres performing arts centre located in Marina Bay near the mouth of the Singapore River. Named after the nearby Esplanade, it consists of a concert hall which seats about 1,600 and a theatre with a capacity of about 2,000 for the performing arts. The design was inspired by the spiky durian fruit. 
The Merlion is a traditional creature in western heraldry that depicts a creature with a lion's head and a body of a fish. In Singapore, it has become a marketing icon used as a mascot and national personification of Singapore.
Part of the pleasure gardens on the Sentosa Island.

Looking from Sentosa Island towards Singapore Island and one of the harbours. The Sentosa Gateway causeway can be seen running across the photo.
Looking South from Sentosa Island out to sea towards some of the smaller islands. The Sentosa Merlion can be seen in the centre.

Set on Siloso Beach facing the South China Sea, Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa, Singapore, offers comfortable accommodation amidst a natural landscape. Each room comes with an attached private balcony and a view of the hills, garden, pool or sea so guests can enjoy the lush, natural surroundings. 


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  2. wonderful pictures....want me to go travel there ;-)

    Melody (abc-w)

  3. Went to Singapore two years ago and it is beautiful there. I feel safe there do you? It is expensive though hehehe. But what I do like in there is that in a day I can visit so many places. Its a small country but so many to see that is why I like their transportation there....the train!! Did you take photos of the Super Trees? When i was there it was not all finished i bet this time many are enjoying the ride.

    Thank you in linking Water World Wednesday. I do appreciate it and see you next week!

  4. Woww... Wonderful photos

  5. My mother had always wanted to see Singapore, but alas never did. Maybe some day I will have the opportunity to travel there on her behalf.

    abcw team

  6. Beautiful and informative!
    I love the pretty little bridge over the waterfall

  7. I went to Singapore in 2012 and really enjoyed my stay. I was only there for 3 days and didn't have time to visit Sentosa Island so I enjoyed your post very much.

  8. It's a city! It's a country! Very interesting place.



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