Friday, 15 August 2014


Fremantle is a city in Western Australia, located at the mouth of the Swan River. Fremantle Harbour serves as the port of Perth, the state capital. Fremantle was the first area settled by the Swan River colonists in 1829. It was declared a city in 1929, and has a population of approximately 25,000. The city is named after Captain Charles Howe Fremantle, the English naval officer who had pronounced possession of Western Australia and who established a camp at the site. The city contains well-preserved 19th-century buildings and other heritage features. The Western Australian vernacular diminutive for Fremantle is Freo.

This post is part of the Skywatch Friday meme.


  1. Exquisite. There is no substitute for beautiful color in an evening sky. I guess I'm assuming it's a sunset! Either way, it's gorgeous. Happy weekend and happy skywatching!

  2. So many lovely and crisp colors in that sky! Beautiful amidst the architecture!

  3. Very nice contrast between the sky and the building.


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