Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Chalcis or Chalkida, the chief town of the island of Euboea in Greece, is situated on the strait of the Evripos at its narrowest point. The name is preserved from antiquity and is derived from the Greek χαλκός ("chalkos" - copper, bronze), though there is no trace of any mines in the area. In the late Middle Ages, it was known as Negropont (Italian: Negroponte, "black bridge"), a name that was applied to the entire island of Euboea as well.

The town is now connected to the mainland Greece by two bridges, the "Sliding Bridge" in the west at the narrowest point of the Evripos Strait and a suspension bridge.The Evripos Strait which separates the city and the island from the mainland was bridged in 411 BC with a wooden bridge. In the time of Justinian the fixed bridge was replaced with a movable structure. The Turks replaced this once again with a fixed bridge. In 1856, a wooden swing bridge was built; in 1896, an iron swing bridge, and in 1962, the existing "sliding bridge"; the construction works of the 19th century destroyed the most part of the medieval castle built across the bridge. The cable stay suspension bridge which joins Chalcis to the mainland to the south was opened in 1993.

A unique phenomenon takes place at the straits of Evripos. The phenomenon is known as the "tide". Tides are the rise and fall or water levels. The strait of Evripos is subject to strong tidal currents which reverse direction approximately four times a day lasting for about six hours each. This creates an amazing sight for visitors from all over the world.

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  1. Wonderful photography of beautiful Greece ~ makes me want to visit ~ carol

  2. I so love this place. Water makes people flock to a place like this. The buildings looks like condos I do not mind living in there love the view and for sure there fresh seafood somewhere ^_^

    Thank you for joining Water World Wednesday

  3. always wanted to see Greece, now more than even...great shots


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